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Welcome to, the Online Encyclopedia and Directory of California, Oregon and Washington Wineries, Varietals and Wine Regions

Whether you're an expert or just starting to find your way, our online database is a great resource to plan a tasting trip, research a varietal, look into a winery or check out a wine producing area. If you're passionate about wine or merely curious, this is where you want to be so pop open a bottle, pour yourself a glass and have a look around.

Let us do the thinking before you do the drinking!

What We Do

Provide information…simple as that. We’re not here to sell you anything.  Consider this an online Winery Encyclopedia designed to help you compare wines, the Wineries that produce them and regions where they’re made.  Our extensive internal database provides a detailed directory to Wineries, Varietals and Wine producing areas in the western US. Our database lets you cross-reference Varietals and the Wineries that produce them.  We also have detailed listings of events sponsored by Wineries and Associations.

…& What We Won't

If you're looking for pop up ads and links to wine vendors selling anything from monogrammed corks, to wine colored underwear, you won't find them here. Unlike other wine sites, we don't rely on advertising or links to other pages. We also won't provide opinions about a winery's product in our Encyclopedia listings. One person's nectar is another's swill so to each his own. Winery-Sage is about information, not judgment.

Why is not a search engine - call it an anti-search engine. Winery sites based on search engines provide so much data, that often the specific piece of information that you’re looking for is lost – the proverbial needle in the haystack.  We allow you to remove the hay so you’re left with just the needle (or needles) that you want to see.

In 90 days, will begin sending out bi-monthly-newsletters in conjunction with our winery partners. The content will include:
1) Deep discounts offered directly from our winery partners to readers (minimum 35% off)*
2) Links to our master listing of events sponsored by Wineries and Wine Associations

This is a great opportunity to try some of the best that our winery partners have to offer at phenomenal prices and receive special notifications on wine related events. If you wish to receive these notifications, please fill out the section below.**
* does not take title to or realize any profit of wine sales from our winery partners. This is a service we provide for frequent visitors. All transactions are solely between the reader and the winery.
** All contact information provided is used only for contact by and is never sold or shared except to facilitate wine purchases between the consumer and the requested winery.

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