Wine Tasting in Mexico’s Valle de Guadalupe (Part 2)

Valle Girl Vino Tasting Room

El Corcho Rosa: the Valle Girl Vino Tasting Room

The next morning we all started out surprisingly refreshed considering the late night street tacos followed by a considerable amount of tequila.   Some evenings are filled with bad decisions.  Late night tacos in Mexico however, are never a bad decision! Read More

Wine Tasting in Mexico’s Valle de Guadalupe (Part 1)

The Tasting Room at Sol y Barro

Wine Tasting in Mexico’s Valle de Guadalupe

There are some destinations that just seem to hang out on your bucket list for years. Mexico’s Valle de Guadalupe was one of those destinations for me. Read More

Food and Wine Pairing for Two – In a Covid World

Steak with Chimichurri

Steak with the Best Chimichurri

Covid Sucks! I think that is something on which we can all agree. It took a collective crap on the Holiday season, changing everyone’s plans to some degree or another but that doesn’t mean that you have to let it ruin everything. Assuming you are stuck at home with just one other wine drinker, we’ve offered up some wine and food pairings for a whole meal that will work for just a single bottle of wine. Read More

Tasting at Wargin Wines


We’re back after a lengthy absence which we’ll get into at some future date and we finally have had time to start exploring new wineries again. The first on our list was Wargin Wines in Santa Cruz County.

Wine Tastign Room - Wargin Wines in Soquel

Wargin Wines Tasting Room in the Quaint Village of Soquel

Read More

Rome – Our Last Days In Italy

Piazza Navona is a Great Place To Stay In Rome

The Stunning Piazza Navona At Night

Rome…if it’s not on your bucket list, it should be. Of course, we were hitting it at the end of our trip which meant we had been travelling for the better part of three weeks out of just a couple of carry-ons, and walking 15 to 20 thousand steps per day on uneven cobblestone streets. Couple that with drinking aperitifs before dinner, Italian wine with almost every meal and of course enjoying the hell out of most meals, so we were getting pretty tired. Read More

Touring Orvieto

Cathedral In Orvieto

Cathedral In Orvieto

The next morning we drove to Orvieto, a small hill town in Umbria that had been recommended by a number of people. It sits up on a volcanic hill that has been inhabited for at least three thousand years. Read More

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