Here you can find information on bloggers bios and how the web site came to be.

Ken – Brief Bio
I am somewhere approaching middle age (which is everyone’s way of saying older than I want to be but I’m not dead yet). Isn’t it ironic that when some one claims to be middle aged, that would typically mean they plan on living to be 110? I can claim to be in my 40’s as long as the blog post gets published relatively quickly. I was born and raised in Northern California, and developed a passion for wine in my late 30s. I am married to Karen, the other principal in KG Web Publications, the partnership that publishes Our last name starts with “G”, hence the name “KG “ works for both of us – no top billing. Marriage is all about compromises.

When/if things slow down at work, I would like to get my certificate as a certified wine professional.

Karen – Brief Bio
Karen is slightly older than Ken (a point that never gets old – not hard to tell which of us wrote the biographies, is it?). She was born in Southern California but moved to Northern California in the mid 80’s. Ken claims it’s because she was looking for him. She ignores him, something at which she has become quite adept. She was a retail manager for a number of years and continued to work through our older child’s school years but became a stay at home mom for the 2nd one. To avoid going nuts, she volunteered at both kid’s schools. Now that the younger one has moved on to college and doesn’t want his parents within a three hour drive of the place, she has moved onto administering the web site and allowing the 90 pound Black Lab to take her for walks. She graciously allows Ken to think that they have compromised on a number of things even though she’s usually had the end game figured out from the beginning.

Joint Bio (Updated in late 2017)

Karen and Ken have now been married for almost 25 years and to date have still not had a fight since being married, probably because Karen has the patience of a saint.  They live in the Silicon Valley area but have had a cabin just south of Yosemite (in the Bass lake area) for roughly 13 years and spend as much time up there as they can.  The first 10 years was just relaxation.  The last three has been lots of work recovering from damage caused by the Courtney Fire and then continuing on with a remodel.  In 2018, they hope to spend as much as a third of their time up at the cabin.

They are now empty-nesters with with older soon being married and living in London with his new wife for the next two years and the younger one living in Ann Arbor, Michigan, getting his PHD in Bioinformatics.  From where he got the brains is a complete mystery but the best guess is the dog.  They are not sure what they did to drive their kids so far away but the only consolation is that both sons claim to want to move back to the Bay Area in the future.

How Winery Sage As Born and Evolved

Frankly, it’s too long of a story to post to include in here but we have attached a link if you are interested.

Blogger Ken – Wine Tastes

If I could use one word to describe my tastes in wine, it would be “balance”. Give me a great combination of tannin, fruit and acid, and I’m a happy guy. Put a glass filled with most of the mass produced new world wines and I’ll likely find it to be too fruity. However, give me a typical old world wine and I’ll also probably find it a bit overly dry. I also don’t like heavily extracted wines. To me they are way too “one note” which overwhelms any other characteristics of the wine.

I also strongly prefer red wines to white wines although as I learn more and try various white wines, I’m learning to appreciate more of them. If drinking a Chardonnay (the dominant US white wine), hints of oak are great but don’t hit me over the head with an oak two by four in a glass. I don’t like the newer trend of Chards where it never sees oak and is only kept in stainless – it strips the wine of character unless it is kept on the lees (sediments) for a while which impart of different type of fullness. If I want a white wine without character, I’ll drink a Sauvignon Blanc (not to hard to fathom how I feel about that one is it?).

Give me a cross with old world technique and subtlety and dryness but just a hint of new world fruit and I’ll likely find it appealing.

Blogger Karen – Wine Tastes

Karen is equally at home with red or white wines but usually prefers whites on warmer days, reds on cooler ones. For Reds, her tastes run closer to a typical new world style of wines meaning that a touch more fruit than the older world styles but doesn’t much care for the over the top California fruit bomb either. Balance is also a good way to describe her tastes, just leaning a little more to the fruit and a little away from the dry. For Chardonnay she likes a little oak. If she wants something a little crisper and more refreshing, she’ll usually drink a Pinot Grigio or Albarino. She usually finds Sauvignon Blancs somewhere between unappealing and repellant.