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Ideas for Pairing Malbec Wine with Food

If you are looking for a “jack of all trades” for red wine pairing, Malbec is worth a look. Successful Malbec food pairings are easy to achieve as long as you follow some basic guidelines.  Keep in mind that it is softer with less tannins than many other reds wines so it doesn’t stand up to the heaviest meats as well as a Cabernet Sauvignon or a Nebbiolo.  Malbec does pair well with food like leaner meats as well as many pasta dishes.

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The Best Pinot Noir Food Pairings Ideas

Pinot Noir food pairing ideas

An enjoyable Pinot Noir food pairing is easy to achieve because Pinot Noir goes well with so many different types of cuisine.  It’s one of the lightest red wines around, so it can match with lighter foods without overwhelming them. But because it is a red wine, Pinot Noir also compliments a number of meats, as long as they are not too fatty.  If you are looking for a red wine pairing, Pinot Noir is a great option because of its lighter structure.  Even richer seafood like lobster or crab that many people would commonly pair with white wine can be complimented by Pinot Noir.

When pairing Pinot Noir with food, it’s critical that it be served correctly.  Pinot Noir, more than any other popular red wine, changes its taste depending on the temperature at which it’s served.  We strongly recommend visiting the Pinot Noir page in our main site to learn how best to serve it so you get the most out of your Pinot Noir and food paring.  Click here to learn how best to serve it, how long to age it and plenty of other useful tips to insure your food and wine pairing is it best.

For ideas on which types of food pair best with your Pinot Noir, read on …

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