Wine Waterfall by Urban TrendsGadget Review: The Wine Waterfall by Urban Trends
Purchased at: Bevmo
Cost: $79.99

Advertised Purpose:
Bevmo says, “Chill and serve your favorite wines and other beverages to perfection in this waterfall wine chiller. Cooling system is computer controlled and includes a built-in rotation feature.”

Expectation/What it Means:
The product claims to accelerate the cooling process for wines to quickly bring them to the correct temperature.  There are 5 different buttons, each with a preset time for various styles of wines, from light bodied white to heavy bodied Reds.

The premise is by spinning the bottle in a cold-water bath and cascading cold water over the bottle, the wine inside is quickly chilled.


  1. Different bottle types could affect the results to some degree.
  2. When we did our experiment, it was a warm day and we don’t have air conditioning in the house because its only needed about 10 days per year.  The results prior to chilling showed a wine temperature of 76.1°F.  This is likely about 6°F warmer than wine would usually be at room temperature but all of the wines used in the experiment were the same temperature so a slightly warmer starting temperature should not affect the relative results.

The Process and Measurements*:
We used 3 bottles of a mass produced Chardonnay (Kendall Jackson Grand Reserve).  Because we were testing temperature only, wine characteristics were not important.

Bottle 1 – Freezer Chilling
This was placed in the freezer to verify the time it takes to chill using normally available equipment.  It was left there for 30 minutes.  When removed, its temperature was 58.3°F.  Winery-Sage calculated that it would have needed a total of 33 minutes to reach 57°F, roughly the mid point of what we recommend as the proper temperature for serving most US made Chardonnay.

Bottle 2 – Wine Waterfall
This was placed in the Wine Waterfall and run for its cycle on Chardonnay.  When finished after 7 minutes, 45 seconds (when the unit stopped spinning), the temperature had decreased to 64.3°F (an 11.8°F drop from the starting point).  We calculated that it would need just less than 14 minutes to properly cool our wine to the recommended 57°F.

Bottle 3 – Control
This was a control and was left at room temperature while the experiment took place.  At the end of the experiment, the temperature only dropped .1°F in the 7 minutes, 45 seconds.  In other words, no real change.

The Results:
The Wine Waterfall was the quicker of the two methods to chill a bottle of wine, cooling it in less than ½ the time of the freezer.  Considering that the Wine Waterfall started with a wine bottle that was 6°F above normal room temperature, it would take a little less than 14 minutes to the correct temperature.

The Wine Waterfall did tend to splash, so placing a kitchen towel under the unit is probably a good idea.  Also, pushing it back towards the back edge of the counter made it easier to clean up.  The first time we tried the unit to insure that we understood how to use it, we ended up with a damp floor but a very amused dog that thought the occasional splashes were great fun.

It probably goes without saying, but if you are concerned about how the bottle will look when you are serving it, the label is wet…very, very wet.  If you don’t mind a wet label, this isn’t a problem.

Would Winery Sage Recommend This Product?
Yes – If you don’t think $80.00 is too much to spend to quickly cool your bottles of wine and you are aren’t interested in keeping your home at 57° so that you’re your wine is always at the right temperature.  If that is too expensive, a freezer can do the same job in a little over twice the time (assuming you have room in your freezer of course).

If you are typically in a hurry and don’t already have wine at the right temperature, the Wine Waterfall is a good solution.  Just understand its limitations.  It doesn’t have an internal temperature gauge so it has to assume that you are starting with wine at its expected temperature – if not, you may need to run it through a couple of cycles like us because we started with warmer than normal bottles.

After using it approximately 6 times, the back door where the ice and water are placed no longer latch securely so we have some concern regarding the quality of the unit.

*Disclaimer and Practices When Reviewing A Product does not take any endorsements or funds from manufacturers whose equipment we review.  We attempt to impart all of the facts as we’ve observed them (the Good, the Bad and the downright Ugly).  We may interject a little irreverence now and again but hopefully you’ll see that our experiments are based on scientific methods and try to rely on several opinions when the results are subjective rather than measurable.

To the best of our ability, we follow all of the instruction provided by the manufacturer.

We notify the manufacturer of our results prior to publishing to give them an opportunity to point out any flaws in our experimental process.  If we do see a flaw, we repeat the experiment.

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