Top 5 Wine Accessory GiftsIt’s the season of giving, and if you’re looking for a gift for the wine lover in your family, the options are almost endless. But as you browse through another home goods store looking at the ever varying wine racks (Eiffel Tower wine rack? Maybe a wine rack shaped like the Pyramids? What next?), you’re probably not feeling as optimistic. But don’t worry! Winery-Sage is here to help you pick out the next and best wine gift for the vino aficionado in your life. We’ve selected five of our favorite wine accessory gifts we’ve used this year, and are sharing these secrets with you. Pair this information with the previous list of wines you shouldn’t buy as a gift this year, and you’re guaranteed to produce the finest vintage (of gifts!) this season.

So get your shopping notes ready, and check out our top five wine gifts for this holiday season after the jump.

For your convenience (we’re like your own little Santa’s Helper!), Winery-Sage has listed where you can purchase each product on their listing. With a rush delivery this week, you should get them before present swapping begins, no problem (we’d hope). We’ve also listed the best prices we’ve found with each, as well as our initial remarks about each product to help you decide on which to purchase. However, with any of the following, you really couldn’t go wrong. Each is unique and would make a great gift for a wine fan.

Vinturi Wine Aerator … $30 – $40 Vinturi Wine Aerator

Anyone who appreciates their wine throughout an evening will want some sort of accessory to let their wine breath before they jump into their favorite glass of red. Most people will probably already have some sort of decanter available to them at home. That’s great if they are having a dinner party and want to let an entire bottle breath at once. But what if you need to aerate your wine one glass at a time? The Vinturi Wine Aerator is a great product for that. We’ve been using our for over years now, and it still works great.  This was also our clear winner for quickly aerating wine to improve the experience if you are drinking a newly opened bottle.  Here is our review if you would like to get more information.

Corkcicle Wine Chiller … $20 – $25Corkcicle from Bevmo Review

Trying to keep the perfect balance for a chilled white wine in your own modern kitchen can sometimes be a struggle. Instead of starring in the circus between every glass, as you visit the refrigerator to refill your glass and replace it until the next round of acrobatics, consider picking up a Corkcicle Wine Chiller. We used it this year and it worked surprisingly well to keep our whites from warming to room temperature after we opened a bottle. For more information, you can read our previous Corkcicle review.

Wine Bottle Platters … $18

Finally, someone has found a way to reuse old wine bottles, besides simply turning them into another ornate candle holder! These recycled glass wine bottles act as a perfect serving dish during a holiday party, and will definitely compliment a wine fiend’s kitchen layout. You can grab the pair of them (from Chardonnay or Bordeaux wine bottles) and assure yourself to surprise the entire household, no matter if they like a red or white wine.

Appetizer Plate with Wine Glass Holder … $13.00

You may call people who want to hold their glass of wine, their plate of food, and eat at the same time a glutton, but we just call them brilliant! These appetizer plates have a carved out section that perfectly fits a wine glass into the plate grip, allowing one hand to hold both glass and plate, while the other puts food in your mouth. Now that’s what we call being efficient! And also a good party.

Rabbit Wine Carafe and Chiller … $49.99

Being in California surrounded by Californian wines certainly has it’s perks, like the warm weather (and the wine of course). But when the temperatures out west get too hot, having a reliable wine carafe and chiller like this one from Metrokane Rabbit is a must to keeping your wines at the perfect drinkable temperature. We can’t vouch for if it will work in the hot Phoenix summer sun, however, so live there at your own risk!

These are just some of our favorites from this year. We understand there are many more, and likely some we’ve missed that you may have enjoyed, too. If so, please share those ideas in the comments so we can all find the perfect holiday wine accessory to gift to family and friends this season.

Happy shopping, from Winery-Sage!