The Sauvignon Blanc Rant

Sauvignon Blancs – there aren’t many more polarizing wines widely available right now.  People seem to love them or hate them.  Generally, Karen and I fall strongly in the “hate” camp.  Is hate, too strong a word?  Naw…if anything, it’s not strong enough.  We don’t like them…I mean we really don’t like them. Ironic that it’s one of my mom’s favorite wines so if my parents come over for dinner, they bring one and invariably leave part of a bottle in our fridge. Usually free wine is a good thing but to us, Sauvignon Blanc is just a colossal waste of space.

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Bloggers Tastes in Wine and Brief Bios

Here you can find information on bloggers bios and how the web site came to be.

Ken – Brief Bio
I am somewhere approaching middle age (which is everyone’s way of saying older than I want to be but I’m not dead yet). Isn’t it ironic that when some one claims to be middle aged, that would typically mean they plan on living to be 110? I can claim to be in my 40’s as long as the blog post gets published relatively quickly. I was born and raised in Northern California, and developed a passion for wine in my late 30s. I am married to Karen, the other principal in KG Web Publications, the partnership that publishes Our last name starts with “G”, hence the name “KG “ works for both of us – no top billing. Marriage is all about compromises.

When/if things slow down at work, I would like to get my certificate as a certified wine professional.

Karen – Brief Bio
Karen is slightly older than Ken (a point that never gets old – not hard to tell which of us wrote the biographies, is it?). She was born in Southern California but moved to Northern California in the mid 80’s. Ken claims it’s because she was looking for him. She ignores him, something at which she has become quite adept. She was a retail manager for a number of years and continued to work through our older child’s school years but became a stay at home mom for the 2nd one. To avoid going nuts, she volunteered at both kid’s schools. Now that the younger one has moved on to college and doesn’t want his parents within a three hour drive of the place, she has moved onto administering the web site and allowing the 90 pound Black Lab to take her for walks. She graciously allows Ken to think that they have compromised on a number of things even though she’s usually had the end game figured out from the beginning.

Joint Bio (Updated in late 2017)

Karen and Ken have now been married for almost 25 years and to date have still not had a fight since being married, probably because Karen has the patience of a saint.  They live in the Silicon Valley area but have had a cabin just south of Yosemite (in the Bass lake area) for roughly 13 years and spend as much time up there as they can.  The first 10 years was just relaxation.  The last three has been lots of work recovering from damage caused by the Courtney Fire and then continuing on with a remodel.  In 2018, they hope to spend as much as a third of their time up at the cabin.

They are now empty-nesters with with older soon being married and living in London with his new wife for the next two years and the younger one living in Ann Arbor, Michigan, getting his PHD in Bioinformatics.  From where he got the brains is a complete mystery but the best guess is the dog.  They are not sure what they did to drive their kids so far away but the only consolation is that both sons claim to want to move back to the Bay Area in the future.

How Winery Sage As Born and Evolved

Frankly, it’s too long of a story to post to include in here but we have attached a link if you are interested.

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Wine Travels: Santa Cruz Mountains Summit Wine Trail

Burrell School Winery View

The view from Burrell School Winery

Date: October 20th, 2012  (Updated December 18th)

Karen – Ken
Check out their tastes and bios here.

Wineries Visited:
Burrell School
Silver Mountain
Loma Prieta (Bonus winery. It’s not technically on the wine trail but is quite close)
Regale Winery and Vineyards
Villa Del Monte Winery (Visited December 18th) – Production – 1,000 cases. Listing:
View more detailed information on the Summit Wineries at their listing on the Winery Sage website.

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Wine Gadget Review: Automatic Wine Preserver by Brookstone

Automatic Wine Preserver by BrookstoneGadget Review: Automatic Wine Preserver by Brookstone
Purchased at: Amazon
Cost: $29.99

Advertised Purpose:
Brookstone says, “Ensure that your wine stays fresher to the last drop. Our Automatic Wine Preserver automatically pumps air out of an opened bottle of wine to help prevent oxidation, which can degrade flavor and bouquet. Simply insert into an opened bottle, secure, and the vacuum automatically removes all excess air to help keep your wine fresher between glasses. Is your wine at the right serving temp? Now you’ll always know. The Automatic Wine Preserver’s built-in thermometer monitors wine temperature to help you serve it at the correct temperature.”

Expectation/What it Means:
The Automatic Wine Preserver is designed to not only remove a significant amount of oxygen from an opened wine bottle but will also monitor the “vacuum” and if air leaks back in will pump it out again.

What it also means is that if “Automatic Wine Preserver” is the most inventive name they could come up with; Brookstone needs some serious help in their marketing department.  That’s the equivalent of Ford calling a new model “A Car with Four Wheels”.  For the remainder of this review, we’ll be calling AWP which is only slightly less imaginative.

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Wine Travels: Cienega Valley & Hollister

Pietra Santa View

The View at Pietra Santa

Date: October 21st, 2012

Karen – Ken
Check out their tastes and bios here.

Wineries Visited:
De Rose
Pietra Santa
Leal Vineyards

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Wine Gadget Review: Corkcicle

Corkcicle from Bevmo Review

Gadget Review: Corkcicle by Corkcicle (the Company)
Purchased at: Bevmo
Cost: $22.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond online  (no longer available at BevMo)

Advertised Purpose:
Corkcicle says, “It keeps your chilled whites at perfect drinking temperatures. It keeps your lighter chilled reds at perfect drinking temperatures. And it even brings those heavier room temperature reds down to more suitable drinking temperatures.”

Expectation/What it Means:
For a white wine, the product should slow the warming process that normally happens when a partially full wine bottle is left at room temperature.

It also claims to chill a red wine from room temperature to proper serving temperature (although based on the type of red wine, that could be a broad range).

The premise is that it will work much like putting several ice cubes into a glass of wine to keep it cool but without the side affect of diluting the wine.

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