Italy – Verona and Bergamo

Night Time Illumination of the Roman Amphitheater in Verona

Day 5 and we’re in Verona. We’re here because the Maitre d at my favorite Italian restaurant in New York City is from Verona and said it’s a beautiful city and we had to see it. Read More

Venice – Our First Italian Stop

The Grand Canal

The first day in Venice, we just walked around all day and got a feel for the city. Read More

Slovenia and Italy Part 1 – Ljubljana

Ljubljana During An Evening Stroll

Ljubljana During An Evening Stroll

Fair warning to those looking for our normal wine posts…the first couple are just vacation posts for friends or for Karen and I when we get senile and can’t remember what we did when we were here…

Danny finally graduated which means Italy here we come! Read More

Silver Mountain Winery – Surf City Vintners Location

Surf City Vintners – Silver Mountain Winery

Wine tasting in the Santa Cruz Mountains is a special experience. For those of us who grew up in these mountains, getting there is part of the fun after driving in the burgeoning, weekday traffic of Silicon Valley. An exhilarating cruise through the forested canyons, only to emerge into suddenly manicured vineyards is something that can be experienced in very few wine regions. Read More

Wine Gadget Review: ArT18 Wine Preserver


ArT18 Wine Preserver

Gadget Review: ArT18 Wine Preserver

Purchased at: Donated by ArT18 who requested that we review this product*

There’s a question that any wine aficionado has to answer every time they open a bottle. Do I finish the bottle or not? On one hand, really enjoying a good bottle of wine is one of life’s pleasures. Unfortunately, leaving part of a really good bottle to slowly oxidize is one of life’s great tragedies. Ok… it’s not really that big of a tragedy compared with most world events but it’s a damn shame. Read More

Remembering Two Wine Friends

Jean-Henri Schÿler and Anne Moulton

Remembering Jean-Henri Schÿler and Anne Moulton

My blog posts are usually quite bit lighter than this one, but looking back at 2016 has left me feeling decidedly morose this morning.  2016 sucked – there really isn’t any other way to look at it. Terrorist attacks, the passing of a number friends and celebrities and an almost historically reviled election, made 2016 seemed to last for decades. Thankfully though 2016 really was only one year long. Yep, as bad as it was, it was still only a year – just 366 days (I bet you forgot that 2016 was actually a leap year so 2016 actually had an extra day to inflict its woe upon us). Read More

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