What Are Great Wine and Food Pairings?

Glass of wine with a cork

There are thousands of web pages offering advice on pairing wine with food.  They usually assume a meal has been planned and the would-be-chef is now looking for the perfect wine accompaniment for their culinary creation. But what if you have a different question? What if you want to know what is the perfect food for a red wine pairing? Perhaps you have a prized bottle of wine and you’re wondering what food pairs best with it? Winery-sage.com firmly believes wine is one of the basic food groups, or should be if we can just get the medical community to come around.

With that in mind, we flipped the typical wine and food pairing post on its head and created a series of posts for food and wine pairings where wine is the star and you are looking for a meal to pair with it. Each of the links below will take you to another blog post centered on a specific wine which gives suggestions on foods that pair best for that specific Varietal. Look for the wine you’re trying to pair with food below for information, and remember to bookmark this page as we continue to add new blog posts we work on:

The human body has few basic needs. Without oxygen, you’re a goner in just a few minutes. Severe dehydration can set in very quickly without water, so that is the next most important item. But we can live weeks without food, although it obviously isn’t a healthy or comfortable experience. Why the quick dissertation? Because wine is roughly 90% water, which means of course that it is second only to oxygen as a requirement for living and should clearly rank above food as one of the basic human necessities. Because of this, being able to pair wine with food is basically a life necessity! So we hope these posts can guide your life requirements.

If you have questions or would like a recommendation for a food and wine pairing, feel free to shoot us an email and we’ll answer it and include it in a blog post. Happy wine-ing!

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    Really appreciate you sharing this post.Thanks Again. Really Great. gbegdefgccce
  2. Replyjoy
    Anyone please share what is the purpose of a punt in a wine bottle.
    • ReplyKen
      Joy, There is no definitive answer as to the purpose of a wine bottle punt but here are the three most prevalent theories. I brief, they are are: 1) It's an aid for one handed pouring. 2) It aids in stacking as the top of the lower bottle fits into the punt of the upper bottle. 3) It aids in capturing sediment in wine which I find rather dubious because wine is stored laying down rather than upright. If you want to learn more about wine bottle shapes, here is a link to a post we did a couple of years ago. https://www.winery-sage.com/blog/general/wine-bottle-shapes-individuality-can-reek-havoc-with-your-storage/#more-2371 Cheers, Winery-Sage.com

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