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…It All Starts In the Field

For now, we’ve finished our wine education posts.  If you have a question, submit it to us and we’ll answer your questions and perhaps write a post about it.’s Winery University is a free online resource for aspiring wine enthusiasts who want more wine knowledge but don’t know where to get it.  There is no cost and we don’t ask for your contact information.  We are just passionate about teaching “all things wine”.  We created Winery-Sage “U” as an informal, self-paced wine tutorial and the best part…we even let you drink in class…in fact we encourage it.  If you are new to wine or just looking to round out your knowledge, we probably have resource for you.

While informative, it’s also a slightly irreverent journey that describes the path wine has taken from its origins from thousands of years ago to our consciousness and from vineyard to barrel and glass.  We’ll teach you how to choose, store, serve and preserve wine (assuming there is actually leftover wine).  We’ll also point out the difference between European and U.S. wines and how to recognize the similarities and differences.  You won’t get a formal degree but hey, you get what you pay for and is free so other than investing a few hours of your time to learn about wine, there’s no other requirement.

But for now…we’re going to start our journey back in the dim and distant past at the origins of winemaking when the first winemaker unintentionally discovered that if fruit spoils, something magical and mind altering occurs. Enjoy the ride…

History and Background – Probably Stuff That You Don’t Really Need to Know But Helps In Understanding the Whole “Wine Thing”

How Wine Is Made and Stored (Assuming of Course, the Winemaker Didn’t Start Drinking Too Early In the Day)

Buying, Storing, Serving & Preserving Wine Without Sounding Like a Pompous Ass

Wine Flavors and Pairing Wine With Food (Or Passing Wine Off As Food)

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  1. ReplyShrikant
    nice information . I am a beginer as far as wine making is concerned . i m from Delhi India and currently experimenting with Mango as ingredient. Need your encouragement n tips
    • ReplyKen
      Sorry...Covid has had me tied up for quite some time so I am only now getting back to this. I am only familiar with wine making from grapes and beer making. What I can tell you is many people who try to make wine don't realize how sweet wine grapes are. They are very, very sweet so I would look for a reference on the amount of sugar in a mango and then try to compare it with the sugar in a wine grape when typically harvested (although even that can vary considerably). The other components in wine grapes, acid and tannin will be hard to replicate with a mango so I'm not sure how you would bring those flavors in a wine. Good luck!

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