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Find a Varietal to Pair With Food

General Guidelines for Using This Feature

If the meal that you wish to pair wine with has a sauce that will be the dominant flavor, pair your wine with the sauce, not the main component of the meal. For instance, shrimp with a cream sauce should be paired with the cream sauce, not the shrimp because it is the main flavor

Particularly, with cheese, recommended wine pairings vary. The suggestions that we've given generally conform to normal guidelines but we suggest that you follow the rules that we provide in our "Food and Wine Parings, Know the Basics." We wrote this for a Holiday food paring but the principals are valid all year long.

By request, we've included a few of the more popular ethnic foods found in the US. We've "over generalized" these foods even though we understand there are many types of these cuisines. We've chosen styles of dishes that would normally be found in the US.

Choose the Type of Meal to Pair Wine With

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