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Details - Uncommon Varietals

Uncommon VarietalsThe US Wine industry has grown restless. Perhaps it's boredom brought on by producing the same old thing year after year. Maybe it's finally matured and realized that the traditional French Varietals grown during California's wine Renaissance of the 1970's and 1980's aren't necessarily the best Varietals for every region of the Country. Whatever the case, US Winemakers are rediscovering old Varietals (Like Petite Sirah – until recently regarded as a throw away grape when primarily known by its older name, Durif) and introducing newer ones from other regions like Tempranillo from Spain or Nebbiolo from Italy. Whatever the cause, the result is that wine enthusiasts now have choices that were unheard of just twenty years ago. The glorious part of living in a new wine region (relative to the centuries old areas of Europe) is our ability and willingness to embrace traditions and Varietals from all over Europe. In 2011, was able to identify over 60 different Wines produced as single Varietals in California alone. The majority of those 60+ Varietals are Uncommon Wines meaning they are not produced by most of the member Wineries. Looking at the numbers, there are far more Uncommon Varietals produced in the US than the common ones. However the volume of Wine produced is still heavily skewed to the old standbys of Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot, etc.. classifies a Varietal as an Uncommon Wine if no more than 15% of the member Wineries produce it. If you are looking for something different, this is the field to notice.

Find Wineries That Are Producing Uncommon Varietals

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After the table has been filtered showing only Uncommon Wines, clicking on the “Yes” text in the “Producing Uncommon Varietals” column will bring up a small window showing what uncommon Wines are made by the Winery.

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