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Details - Wines with Multiple Names

A number of wines are known by different names, depending on the region from where they came. Syrah is the only name recognized in France's Côtes du Rhône region and is the primary name used in California. The same wine is mainly known as Shiraz in Australia and other parts of the new world. Wines labeled as Shiraz are often made in a fruitier softer style but that is dictated solely by the preferences of the wine maker and the characteristics of the vineyard from where the grapes originated. There is nothing wrong with making a fruity, soft wine and labeling it as Syrah. There are also a number varietals that are generally regarded to be identical yet historical biases of calling them different names, linger, Petit Sirah and Durif are now known to be the same grape yet the TTB, under whose juristiction this falls, continues to regard the two as distinct strains. Primitivo and Zinfandel fall into the same category, genetically identical but still classfied as two wines.

Finding Wines With Different Names

To find wines by different names used in the US, click on the “Encyclopedia Varietal Report” button, (2nd button down on the left) and use’s powerful database and filter tools to find the perfect Varietals.

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