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Details - Wines and Their Typical Products

There are a number of grapes used in multiple wine styles. Zinfandel for instance, most commonly produces a medium body Red wine. Some wineries however, produce a sweet, new world blush version of wine by keeping the juice on the skins for just a short time and leaving some residual sugar (do not get me started on this one - a practice that has set the reputation of blush wines back decades). In addition to producing the famous Reds of Burgundy, Pinot Noir is also used for producing some well-known Champagnes. The variations that winemakers can invent are virtually endless so the product descriptions are limited to the classic presentations.

Finding Specific Types of Wines

To find Varietals that are generally used to produce a specific type of wine, click on the “Encyclopedia Varietal Report” button, (2nd button down on the left) and use’s powerful database and filter tools to find the perfect Varietals.

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