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Details - Country of Focus

If a winery specializes in wines from a specific Country, we've highlighted them here. Just as with the Region of Focus field, the Country of Focus reaches back to the origins of the wine grapes that are primarily used by the Winemaker. In the US, the majority of Wineries focus on French wines due to their long-standing and enormous popularity. However a number of Wineries are now focusing on other wine producing Countries like Italy, Portugal or Spain. The possible entries for this field are France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Croatia or None. assumes Croatia to be the birthplace of Zinfandel.

Find Wineries With A Specific Country On Which They Focus

To find any member Wineries that specialize in making wines from a specific Country, click below to visit our Winery Database and filter on the “County of Focus” field name to find Winery Tasting Rooms.

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