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Details - Staffed by Family

A large number of Wineries are family owned.  Even some of the large ones like J Lohr and Wente are still owned an operated by the founding families.  Being family owned often means that the quality of the product won’t take a back seat to profits needed by a larger corporation.  However, being family owned doesn’t necessarily translate into a family run tasting room.  Small family run tasting rooms where either the Winemaker or the Winemaker’s family are pouring, offers unique insight as to why a wine was made the way it was.  Tasting rooms staffed by employees can usually recite where wine grapes came from and the mix of Varietals used in a particular blend but often can’t tell you why that mix or those grapes were chosen.  Wine tasting in a family staffed Winery Tasting Room usually gives unique insights as to why the wine was made, not just how it was made.

Staffed by Family

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