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Details - Primary Fermentation Method

Primary Fermentation MethodNew World Wineries almost invariably follow very specific methods for creating their wines. This entails when to pick fruit for the right balance in sugar and acid, how long it ages in barrels or tanks etc. and what type of yeast is used to ferment the wine. A growing number of Winemakers however are basically throwing their wine vats open and letting nature take its course by allowing native yeast fermentation of the grape juice and creating wines of different character. Wineries using native yeast fermentation can have more variability to their offering than controlled fermentation wineries or inoculated wines because of the variety of yeasts that can access the young wine. However, variability does not by definition mean inferior and there are a growing number of natural fermentation wineries that are producing spectacular wines. The values for this field are Controlled – meaning the Winery uses specific yeast strains for their wines, Natural – indicating that the Winemaker lets nature take its course and Mix – indicating the Winemaker employs both methods. Most Wineries however follow one path or the other.

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