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Details - On Site Lodging

On Site LodgingWhat real Wine enthusiast hasn't at least thought about spending the night at a Winery Bed and Breakfast or Winery Cottage? An emerging trend in the industry is to create a Winery with Lodging. The accommodations can vary from full-fledged hotels with a large number of rooms to one room cottages set amongst the vineyards. The variety of Winery Lodgings is virtually endless. In order to be considered a Winery with Lodging, the facilities must be located either at the Winery or in the vineyards. Lodging owned by a Winery but not located on the premises or in the vineyards is not considered Winery Lodging by Details on the nature of the lodgings can be found in the "Details" section of the Encyclopedia page for the Winery. Lodgings are typically categorized as Winery Hotel for Wineries with 10 or more guest rooms, Winery Inn for smaller hotels with less than 10 rooms, Winery Bed and Breakfast for homes given over primarily to lodgings or Winery Cottage for one room, standalone Winery accommodations. If the accommodations have a separate web site, it is usually noted either in the introduction or the details section of the Winery Encyclopedia page for the Winery.

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