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Details - Main AVA

Main AVA is a term used by to describe the largest AVAs within the US. To be a Main AVA, the region most be recognized as an AVA by the TTB, the branch of the US Government that regulates wine and other alcoholic beverage production and must have smaller AVAs contained within it. There are six Main AVAs in California:

Klammath Mountain
North Coast
Central Coast
Santa Cruz Mountains
Sierra Foothills
South Coast
Although not an AVA, for this site we also treat the Central Valley as an "honorary" AVA because it contains a number of smaller AVAs within it. For more information on AVAs, please reference the AVA/Appellation section of

Find Wineries Within a Main AVA

To find any member Wineries in a Main AVA, click below to visit our Winery Database and filter on the "Main AVA" field to find Winery Tasting Rooms.