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Details - Sub AVA

Sub AVA is a term that is used only within It is almost always the next largest AVA that is contained in one of the AVA's listed in the Main AVA section. Examples of sub AVAs, as described by are Napa Valley (part of the North Coast AVA), Paso Robles and Edna Valley (both part of the Central Coast AVA). Likely one of the least known Sub AVAs is the San Francisco Bay AVA. Rarely is this ever called out on wine labels or referenced by Wineries, however a few of its Micro AVAs are much more well known – Livermore Valley and Santa Clara Valley for instance. Because the San Francisco AVA is so rarely used, we've ignored it as a classification for categorizing Wineries and used the better known Micro AVAs instead in this section.

Find Wineries Within a Sub AVA

To find any member Wineries in a Sub AVA, click below to visit our Winery Database and filter on the “Sub AVA” field to find Winery Tasting Rooms.

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