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The story of the St. Helena appellation is one of SUBSTANCE: the story of what unfolds when soil and climate, history and geography, nature's bounty and human artistry come together. This truth is defined by the collective values and vision of the members of Appellation St. Helena. Together, our winemakers and grape growers deliver on the land's promise by nurturing the gifts of St. Helena to create the consistently elegant wines we cultivate in the epicenter of Napa Valley.

A small number of Wineries in Napa Valley did more to change the wine industry in the last 100 years than virtually any other production area.  Within weeks of the 1976 wine tasting in Paris, Napa Valley Wines became highly sought after.  Sonoma County followed suit and soon after California became known the world over as a spectacular wine region, which opened the door for Australia, South Africa and South America but it began with the Napa Valley Wineries.  Each had a rich wine history but much like California ten years before, was usually only known locally.

There are more than 500 Napa Wineries and Vineyards so trying to learn about all of the Napa Valley Wines in one trip is impossible.  A number of them have broken into smaller Associations to promote the micro-regional characteristics wines.  By exploring them, a wine enthusiast will get a true cross section of the Wineries in Napa Valley.

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