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At a glance…

Sub AVAs:  16
Location:  Portions of Contra Costa, Monterey, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, San Benito, San Mateo, Santa Clara and Santa Cruz Counties
Climate:  The Central Coast has warm days often topping 90 degrees in the hotter locations during the growing season but retaining the typical California, marine influence in the evenings with average temperatures in the mid 50s to low 60s.
Comments:  Two AVAs, Santa Cruz Mountain AVAs (which also contains the Ben Lomond Mountain AVA) are often thought of being part of the Central Coast AVA but are technically distinct from it.

The Central Coast also has one very large sub AVA, the San Francisco Bay Area AVA which itself contains numerous smaller AVAs.  We've shown it below but in the winery listings, we've chosen to ignore this AVA because many of the smaller ones contained in it are much better known.

Sub AVAs

Sub AVAs Containing Micro AVAs

Arroyo Grande Valley
     Location:  Portions of San Luis Obispo County

Carmel Valley
     Location:  Eastern Monterey County

Chalone AVA
     Location:  Eastern Monterey County and Western San Benito County

Cienega Valley AVA
     Location:  Western San Benito County

Edna Valley AVA
     Location:  Southern San Luis Obispo County

Happy Canyon of Santa Barbara AVA
     Location:  Portions of Santa Barbara County

Monterey AVA
     Location:  Eastern Monterey County

Mount Harlan AVA
     Location:  Western San Benito County

Paso Robles AVA
     Location:  Portions of Northern San Luis Obispo County

San Antonio Valley AVA
     Location:  Portions of Monterey County

San Antonio Valley AVA
     Location:  Southwestern Monterey County

San Benito AVA
     Location:  Portions of San Benito County

San Francisco Bay AVA
     Location:  Alameda, Contra Costa, Santa Clara, San Francisco, San Mateo Counties as well as portions of Santa Cruz and San Benito Counties

Santa Maria Valley AVA
     Location:  Nothern Santa Barbara County and Southern San Luis Obispo County

Santa Ynez Valley AVA
     Location:  Portions of Santa Barbara County

York Mountain AVA
     Location:  North Western San Luis Obispo County

Cienega Valley AVAContains Lime Kiln Valley AVA

Clarksburg AVAContains Merritt Island AVA

Monterey AVAContains San Bernabe AVA

Monterey AVAContains Santa Lucia Highlands AVA

Monterey AVAContains San Lucas AVA

Monterey AVAContains Arroyo Seco AVA

Monterey AVAContains Hames Valley AVA

San Benito AVAContains Paicines AVA

San Francisco Bay AVAContains Santa Clara Valley AVA

San Francisco Bay AVAContains Pacheco Pass AVA

San Francisco Bay AVAContains San Ysidro District AVA (Located within Santa Clara Valley AVA)

San Francisco Bay AVAContains Livermore Valley AVA

Santa Ynez Valley AVAContains Sta. Rita Hills AVA

Santa Ynez Valley AVAContains Ballard Canyon AVA

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