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Welcome to Deaver Vineyards, in the heart of the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Amador County, where grape growing has been a family tradition for over 150 years. Visit our tasting room daily from 10:30am - 5:00pm, and browse our renowned gift shop for some of the best wine and home accessories you'll find anywhere! Plan to stay and enjoy a picnic lunch by our lovely pond, and don't miss out on our special events throughout the year.

While you're here, stay at the Amador Harvest Inn, and be sure to visit the Amador Flower Farm!

At a glance…

12455 Steiner Road
Plymouth  CA
Tasting Room Hours:
Daily 10:30 to 5:00
Minority/Female Winemaker:
Phone Number:
Region of Focus:
Uncommon Varietals Produced?
Wine Club Benefits:
20% off most wines and merchandise
Staffed by Family:
Main AVA:
Sierra Foothills
Picnic Friendly:
Guest WiFi:
Sub AVA:
California Shenandoah Valley
Pet Friendly:
Sustainable Methods :
Flagship Wine:
Singnature Zinfandel
Banquet Facilities:
Average Price per Bottle:
On Site Lodging:
Primary Fermentation Method:
Typical Product:
Conference Facilities:
Drink on Release or Age:
Total Production:
3000 Cases
Web Site:
Wine Trail Member?:

Currently Tasting*

2007SouzaoSierra Foothills
BlendN/ASparkling, with Rasberry,Almond or Peach
2006Zinfandel (Primitivo)Amador County
2008CarignaneAmador CountySignature
2009Pinot NoirSierra Foothills
2008Zinfandel (Primitivo)Amador CountyNana's Vineyard
2008Zinfandel (Primitivo)Amador CountyHenry's House
2008Petite SirahAmador CountySignature
2010ChardonnaySierra FoothillsWith an Attitude
2007Petite SirahAmador County
2008Zinfandel (Primitivo)Amador CountySignature
2006Zinfandel (Primitivo)Amador CountyLate Harvest
2006SangioveseAmador County
2008Orange MuscatAmador County
Port/Fortified WineAmador CountySyrah grapes
2010Sauvignon BlancAmador County
Port/Fortified WineUnknownPetite Sirah grapes
Port/Fortified WineUnknownBlack Muscat grapes
Port/Fortified WineUnknownGolden Nectar port
2007Zinfandel (Primitivo)Amador CountySignature
Port/Fortified WineUnknownLight Orange Muscat Port
2009Sauvignon BlancAmador County
2007TempranilloSierra Foothills
2010ViognierAmador County
Port/Fortified WineUnknownBarbera grapes
2009Zinfandel (Primitivo)Amador CountySignature - Labeled as Primativo
2007SyrahAmador County
2009Petite SirahAmador CountySignature
2008Zinfandel (Primitivo)Amador County
Port/Fortified WineAmador CountyAngelica-Port from Mission grapes
2008Zinfandel (Primitivo)Amador CountySignature-Ten Zin
Currently Tasting
Vintages that show either a "0000" or a blank are non vintage specific, meaning they contain grapes from various years.

Currently Selling*

2007SouzaoSierra Foothills$22.00
BlendN/ASparkling, with Rasberry,Almond or Peach$16.00
2006Zinfandel (Primitivo)Amador County$25.00
2008CarignaneAmador CountySignature$25.00
2009Pinot NoirSierra Foothills$27.00
2008Zinfandel (Primitivo)Amador CountyNana's Vineyard$25.00
2008Zinfandel (Primitivo)Amador CountyHenry's House$26.00
2008Petite SirahAmador CountySignature$26.00
2010ChardonnaySierra FoothillsWith an Attitude$19.00
2007Petite SirahAmador County$26.00
2008Zinfandel (Primitivo)Amador CountySignature$28.00
2006Zinfandel (Primitivo)Amador CountyLate Harvest$30.00
2006SangioveseAmador County$20.00
2008Orange MuscatAmador County$17.00
Port/Fortified WineAmador CountySyrah grapes$20.00
2010Sauvignon BlancAmador County$15.00
Port/Fortified WineUnknownPetite Sirah grapes$26.00
Port/Fortified WineUnknownBlack Muscat grapes$26.00
2008Zinfandel (Primitivo)Amador CountyOld Vine 1867$28.00
Port/Fortified WineUnknownGolden Nectar port$30.00
2007Zinfandel (Primitivo)Amador CountySignature$28.00
Port/Fortified WineUnknownLight Orange Muscat Port$21.00
2009Sauvignon BlancAmador County$15.00
2007TempranilloSierra Foothills$25.00
2010ViognierAmador County$19.00
Port/Fortified WineUnknownBarbera grapes$22.00
2009Zinfandel (Primitivo)Amador CountySignature - Labeled as Primativo$27.00
2007SyrahAmador County$22.00
2009Petite SirahAmador CountySignature$26.00
2008Zinfandel (Primitivo)Amador County$26.00
Port/Fortified WineAmador CountyAngelica-Port from Mission grapes$40.00
2008Zinfandel (Primitivo)Amador CountySignature-Ten Zin$28.00

Recent Awards

Recent Awards
Double Gold2012San Francisco Chronicle Wine CompetitionZinfandel, Amador County2008
Silver2012San Francisco Chronicle Wine CompetitionZinfandel, Old Vine 18672008
Silver2012San Francisco Chronicle Wine CompetitionZinfandel, Henry's Hous2008
Silver2012San Francisco Chronicle Wine CompetitionZinfandel, Signature2012

Other Views

The Cabernet room at the Inn.

Our pond in back of the winery

Almost time to pick!


Amador Harvest Inn is located at the Winery and the loudest noise you're likely to hear is a frog croaking or a cork popping.

Four individually appointed guest rooms are named for wine grape varieties whose rolling vineyards embrace the Inn. Manicured lawns an tranquil lakes unfold from the Inn's back porch as guests sip fine wine from neighboring Deaver Vineyards. At Amador Harvest Inn you may choose from any room available.

Did you know?

Founder, Kenneth Isaac Deaver, born September 17, 1919, was a rancher from the beginning. He helped tend to the family's ranch, which included cattle, sheep, pigs, peaches, apricots, plums, almonds, walnuts, and grapes. Growing up and throughout his life, one just had to speak to Ken to know the passion he had for farming and the care that he put into each one of his crops. In 1947, he married Barbara Dyer, Bobbie, as she became known, his sister's roommate in college. Following their marriage, the couple moved to Ken's childhood home where she helped nurture the family's farm. Since the first plantings, the Davis-Deaver farm sold their grapes to home winemakers around the area. Ken continued that tradition as he tended each day to 200 of farmland.

The Barrel Room**

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