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At a glance

Country of Origin: Germany
Region of Origin: Rhine
Typical Product: White
Structure: Light
Climate: Cool
Soil Type: Slate, Sandy Loam
Serving Temp: 45 - 50F
Ageability: 5 to 10
Sauces to Pair:
Meals to Pair:
Other Names*:


Riesling may be the most misunderstood wine by the everyday wine drinker.  To many, especially in the US, its perceived as a slightly sweet or even a very sweet dessert wine, often consumed by those who are either just starting to enjoy wine or don't really like it but will choke one down when others are drinking it.  In reality, Riesling is a favorite Wine of most connoisseurs because of its subtlety and balance.  In most other Varietals, a winemaker can hide a mistake because the wines are so 'big' or have a more prevalent oak flavor.  Not so with Riesling.  The classically made Riesling is delicate with a hint of fruit but still possesses good acidity making it food friendly.

Riesling almost always requires a cool climate, which is why it is the predominately grown Varietal in Germany and Alsace.  Due to its subtle flavors, it's extremely reflective of the soil and climate conditions where it's grown (what the French call terroir).  It is a low yield grape and when grown in warmer areas, it loses its balance and over ripens.

Riesling is also one of the more well chronicled Varietals, with purchases for it showing up in the records of the nobility of the Rhine region of modern day Germany as early as 1435 and it still remains the favorite Varietal of the Rhine.  Wine expert Oz Clark indicates that until the last few decades of the 20th century, German Rieslings were the most expensive wines, eclipsing even those of Bordeaux and Burgundy.  By the late 20th Century however, the abundance of poorly made Rieslings and the sudden love affair in the New World with all thing Bordeaux, precipitated Riesling's fall from glory. 

Riesling is sometimes referred to as the Noble Grape of Germany.

* used in California

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Name Vintage Year Price Tasting Comments
Westbrook Wine Farm
2012  $17.00  Uber Rhenish 
Lorimar Vinyards
2011  $21.00   
Willamette Valley Vineyards
2012  $14.00   
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