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Pairing Wine with Pork Roast

Wine and Pork Roast

Pairing Pork Roast with Wine – There’s Lots of Choices

I love wine with pork roast. It has so many variations that pork and wine pairing offers endless combinations. I don’t know why so many people feel that pork roast is a meat that has to be covered up by a sauce, glaze or fruit compote. It’s fantastic by itself just nicely seasoned. Read More

Pairing Wine With Your Holiday Main Course

Wine with Roasted Turkey

Pairing Wine With Holiday Meals Is Easy If Your Know The Tricks.

Type “Holiday Main Courses” into Google and you’ll get a pretty typical selection of meats that are commonly served as a main course for Christmas or Hanukkah. However, many of those recipes also decide to get very creative with their ingredients, which makes providing simple food and wine pairing advice rather difficult. They can be simply seasoned and roasted, complimented by sauces that are subtly flavorful or something so overwhelming, you can’t tell if you are eating chicken, beef or fish. Here’s a free piece of advice and even though we are a wine site, pairing food with wine goes hand in hand. Don’t buy a nice piece of meat and then turn it into a mystery meal by covering it in a sauce so overpowering, that you could be eating a piñata and it would still taste the same. Read More

BBQ and Wine Pairings – The Best of Summer

Grilled Hamburgers Just Waiting For A Bottle Of Zinfandel

It’s almost summer time and the trinity of summer Holidays, Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day cry out for BBQ and for us, that means BBQ paired with wine. Yeah…yeah…I know, summer time and BBQ means beer to most people but wine and BBQ pairings are great. Ah…but what type of wine to serve with your BBQ? We’re glad you asked (you did ask didn’t you?) It comes in so many different varieties that choosing a wine to pair with BBQ can be difficult, but we’ve taken the mystery out of it and humbly offer up these great BBQ and wine pairings. Read More

Wine and Cheese Pairings – Common Sense Rules

Wine an Cheese Pairings

Pairings of Wine and Cheese

Wine and cheese pairings – it’s one of the most common food and wine questions and the best part is, it’s simple if you follow a few basic rules but it’s not quite as easy as throwing a few slices on a plate and popping a bottle of whatever you have laying around. When creating a wine and cheese pairing, just follow a few basic rules and you can have a perfect combination. Ignore them at your own risk however.

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Pairing St. Patrick’s Day Food and Wine. A Match Made in … Ireland?

Wine and St. Patrick's DaySt. Patrick’s Day usually conjures up images of Irish Whiskey, Guinness or green beer (bizarre tradition by the way – sticking food coloring in your beer so that it becomes a  radioactive green). If you think that St. Patrick’s Day is only about drinking (probably not too far from the truth for many of our readers – yes, you know who you are), it’s about food as well. Traditional Irish cuisine is a great match for Guinness but it’s also a great match for wines as well. What’s that you say? You think “traditional Irish” and “cuisine” don’t belong in the same sentence? Well, you could be wrong. Irish food has undergone a renaissance of sorts with an emphasis on fresh ingredients direct from the farm. If you’re view of Irish food is English only worse, you are in for a big surprise. Read More

Ready for Valentine’s Day: Perfect Wine and Chocolate Pairings

Wine and Chocolate LoveWine and chocolate. To some they are an integral part of a special Valentine’s Day.  I know many people tend to view chocolate as one of the basic food groups (my wife certainly does) and Valentine’s Day seems like the perfect occasion to celebrate the pairing of wine and chocolate.  Contrary to popular belief, wine and chocolate are a tough combination to match.  Even the best-balanced wine will taste like vinegar if you drink it after eating a sweet piece of chocolate.

To help you avoid these an other blunders, we’ve provided a few wine and chocolate pairing rules to help you match your favorite chocolate with several carefully chosen wines. So the next time you’re asking, “What chocolates go best with which wines?”, well, you’ll at least be a bit better prepared.

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