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Winemaking: When Did Winemaking Begin?

Preparing Grapes for WinemakingThe creation of fermented beverages has been around for almost as long as recorded human history, and is closely tied to developments in agriculture and manufacturing. Historians have confirmed that wine was in existence 7,000 years ago, but it is plausible that wine even predates the introduction of pottery at around 11,000 BCE. The oldest winery on record dates back to 4,100 BCE in Armenia, but given the level of development present, it is clear to archaeologists that the techniques for developing wine predate the winery substantially. Evidence of wine production is abundant in early Middle Eastern and Chinese history, but there is no clear birthplace for wine.
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Why Does Drinking Red Wine Give Me a Headache?

Wine Flu

Red wine headaches. It’s the most common reason I’ve heard for people abstaining from red wine, even though they like it. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. “The sulfites in red wine give me headaches.”

Ahhh!!! … asoioaweyr923q8htt9q48y9 … That was me banging my head against the keyboard. This is one of the biggest myths about wine and it’s so prevalent that I even started believing it, forgetting everything that I know about wine in the process. So first things first. Let’s debunk the myth that sulfites in red wine cause headaches.

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White Wine Ageability Infographic

White Wine Ageability InfographicCan white wine be aged? Should white wine be aged? No matter how you ask the question, the answer given by most people is usually wrong. The ability to age white wine depends on many varying factors which is here to help you identify.

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Red Wine Ageability Infographic

Red Wine Ageability Imae“How long do I age red wine?” is a frequently asked question. The general assumption that all red wine can age similarly is wrong, so Winery Sage is here to get you the right information:

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Beer Belly or Wine Rack? Choosing the Ideal Beverage for a Super Bowl Party

Yes, is a site dedicated to wine, but we like beer too.  For the Super Bowl, here are some useful tips to help you decide whether wine or beer will be your beverage of choice.

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Top 5 Wine Accessories Gifts to Give this Holiday Season

Top 5 Wine Accessory GiftsIt’s the season of giving, and if you’re looking for a gift for the wine lover in your family, the options are almost endless. But as you browse through another home goods store looking at the ever varying wine racks (Eiffel Tower wine rack? Maybe a wine rack shaped like the Pyramids? What next?), you’re probably not feeling as optimistic. But don’t worry! Winery-Sage is here to help you pick out the next and best wine gift for the vino aficionado in your life. We’ve selected five of our favorite wine accessory gifts we’ve used this year, and are sharing these secrets with you. Pair this information with the previous list of wines you shouldn’t buy as a gift this year, and you’re guaranteed to produce the finest vintage (of gifts!) this season.

So get your shopping notes ready, and check out our top five wine gifts for this holiday season after the jump.

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