5 Worst Wine GiftsEvery wine lover can appreciate a nice bottle of vino as a gift for the holidays. In lieu of actual wine, a nice wine accessory can even work in a pinch. Gifting a unique wine rack, wine charms, a fine new decanter, a new wine cellar in the basement (if you’re lucky …) can put a smile on any wine spectator’s face. It’s not too hard to get someone a great wine gift!

However, there are SOME wines you don’t want to surprise someone with during the holidays, or really, any time during the year. To help you avoid giving out a poor wine gift this season, Winery-Sage has produced a list of the top five wines which should never be gifted. Hoping to provide a little humor during your holiday shopping, you can use this to guide your gift buying and avoid shocking your hosts at a holiday party. You’ll thank us later! Read on for the suggestions.

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