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Refreshing White Wine On A Scorching Hot Day

Is it sweltering where you are? It is in California, so that got us thinking. What are the best wines to have on hot days? Refreshing wines when the temperature is hot (blistering, scorching, baking…insert your appropriate description based on just how hot it actually is where you are) are a great way to endure the heat.  If you need suggestions, we’ve got it covered.

Unfortunately for all of you die-hard “red wine only people”, wines for hot days are almost always whites or dry rose wines. Yes, I used to be one of you, but I expanded my horizons a number of years back. I still prefer reds but not when it’s 104 out. If you are a red wine only kind of guy/gal, give these whites a shot. They all have great, refreshing flavor but they are not wimpy wines. You can click on the name to access more information about the wine like serving temperature age worthiness etc.

If you are looking for a lighter meal, might we also humbly suggest the following blog post. It is designed around Riesling but works well for most of these wines as well.  It does a nice job of pairing these, lighter refreshing wines with great meals.

Refreshing Wine and Food Pairings

This Spanish Varietal s is one of our favorites and is way too under appreciated in the US.

Sauvignon Blanc
No, we really don’t like it…here’s why…but a lot of people do. Damned if we can figure out why.

Pinot Grigio
Light, refreshing and perfect for a light Italian meal.

Believe it or not, a well made Riesling is considered the best wine in the world in many wine circles.  Make sure you are drinking a dry one though.  Sweet ones have too much sugar to be refreshing.

Well ok, maybe I lied about this one not being a wimpy wine but I had to throw a bone to our Australian friends who seem to have adopted this as their national white wine.

Rose of Pinot Noir
Serve it like a dry white wine but just a few degrees warmer.

There you have it.  Find a cool place to ride out the hot weather with a wine of your choice and think longingly of winter (especially you “red wine only” people – cheer up—it’s only 6 month away).

Cheers from Winery-Sage.com!