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Wine Bottle Sizes – How Much Wine In A Bottle Makes For A Really Good Time? – Part 1

What Are Standard Wine Bottle Sizes?

Wine Bottles of Various Sizes – The “Quality” of the Split In This Picture Will Tell You All You Need To Know About Buying Them

What size bottles does wine come in? Do the different sizes make a difference in how the wine tastes? That’s a complicated answer. First, there are a number of misconceptions about what different sized wine bottles are actually called and second, once you get into the bigger bottles, there are different names for bottles that hold the same amount depending on where they are from. Sound confusing? Just wait. This plot has more twists than an Agatha Christie novel. Read More

Where and How to Buy Wine – How Not to Spend Your Entire Paycheck On A Bottle of Wine

How To Choose Good Quality Wine

So Much Good Wine…So Little Time

Do you want to find good wine values? It comes down to knowing a few tricks. There are lots of good values out there if you know how to find them. We’ve detailed some of the easier ones below. Read More

How Much To Spend On A Bottle Of Wine (While Making Sure You Can Still Afford To Eat)

How Much Should I Spend On A Bottle of Wine

How Much To Spend On A Bottle of Wine?

How much should you spend on a bottle of wine? Spending a lot of money on a wine doesn’t mean it is a good wine. I’ve had some pretty mediocre bottles that were $40 or more and I’ve had some really good ones that were less than $10. Price doesn’t equal quality although you are more likely to get a good bottle if you spend more. Read More

Serving Wine Part 7 – Aging Wine in the Hope That It Will Grow Old With More Grace Than We Do

Wine Bottles With Dust From Age

Aged Wine In A Wine Cellar

Some things get better with age and some don’t.  Classic paintings – check.  Fossils – yep.  My wife – you bet (and I didn’t just put that in because I need to sleep some time and she knows where all the sharp knives are kept in the kitchen).  Cottage cheese – not so much.  Spoiled children – are you kidding me?  I’ve been next to too many on airline flights.  How about wine?  Well…that isn’t a simple answer. Read More

Serving Wine Part 6 – Storing Opened, Unfinished Wine – Yeah, It Actually Does Happen

Does this sound familiar? You’ve had a great wine the night before and now after a tough day at work you just can’t wait to pop the cork and enjoy the rest of the bottle. Drum roll please … Holy Crap! It was great last night and it sucks today. What happened? Read More

Serving Wine Part 5 – Stop Your Wine From Getting Hot and Bothered

Condensation on Wine Bottle

Cold Chardonnay Bottle. Should It Be That Cold?

The world is full of things that are fantastic when served at the right temperature and revolting when served at the wrong temperature. Does the thought of hot mayonnaise appeal to anyone? How about cold scrambled eggs? Lukewarm sushi anyone? There’s a dirty little secret in the wine world that not enough people know about. Americans almost always serve white wines too cold and red wines too warm. Read More

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